Walking My Talk

When I was a junior in high school, I was invited to join a friend to visit her older sister at Wellesley College.  At the time, I had no interest in attending an all women’s college but was excited to hang out with this friend and to see what a college looked like.  Prior to that experience, I don’t think I’d ever been on a college campus before, aside from a trip to Harvard University with my mom when I was a toddler.  Upon my arrival, I immediately fell in love with the campus, especially how pretty it looked in the spring time.  You can only go so far doing online research. Walking on campus and getting a real feel for the place can help to finalize a student’s college list.  Part of my job as a college counselor is to emphasize the importance of college tours, and I decided to walk my talk this past April.  Over April vacation week 2017, I went on a college road trip and visited Dartmouth College, University of Vermont, Champlain College, and Middlebury College.  It was a whirlwind three days, but I took some good notes and want to share one thing that stood out to me about each place.  Every college has something unique and notable about its history and/or campus.  Feel free to learn more by clicking below.  Enjoy!

Dartmouth College – Peace Corps and CIA use Prof. Rassias’ method of language learning

University of Vermont – Environmentally conscious campus, sale of water bottles prohibited on campus

Champlain College – Upside down curriculum, you dive into your major freshman year and take core requirements last

Middlebury CollegePeterson Family Athletic Complex has everything, including an ice skating rink

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