Small, Medium, or Large?

I was recently asked about theshutterstock_239606935 (2) blog small medium or large 3.11.15 difference between small colleges and large universities.  Both types of school environments possess pros and cons.  Having attended a medium sized school myself, I got a feel for a little of both.  Firstly, let’s talk about class size.  At smaller schools, the student to staff/faculty ratio is a much lower, allowing for more class discussions and contact with professors.  Professors are more likely to be teaching the classes as opposed to graduate students.  Personally, I never took an introductory biology class at my university, but was told that over 300 students sat in a theater style hall where the professor stood on a stage and lectured through a microphone.  While enormous class size is a con of bigger schools, universities offer more majors, including schools of business and engineering.  Students who are unsure of what to pursue would have more opportunities to explore career options at a large school.  Finally, universities often possess more students from diverse backgrounds with varying interests.  Part of going to college is learning more about who you are and finding a group to belong.  Just in the sheer numbers alone, attending a big school with all kinds of people will allow students to explore and find their place in the university.

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