Time (Management) is of the Essence!

My favorite time of the year has officially begun with the first day of September.  The smell of the air and feel of the cooler weather brings me back to the days of when I was a school girl!  It’s an exciting time of the year, especially for seniors as it’s their last year of high school.   While looking forward to this final year, all seniors face the inevitable question of where they are going to be next year.  For those going on to college, the fall is a time of much anxiety and stress.  Early action and decision deadlines begin November 1st, with the rest of the deadlines following through to the spring.  Fall grades are also a very important part of the admissions process and is the last opportunity for students to bring up a grade point average.  Additionally, seniors are still active in their extracurricular activities including sports, clubs, and volunteer work.  Being pulled in various directions can be confusing to students who are dealing with very important life decisions.  Where should they place their energy?  There’s not a lot of time.  Getting help during this critical stage of the college applications process is crucial.

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