Tufts Asks for 250 Words of Wisdom

I’ve been meaning to share the below article from the New York Times.  The article is a useful tool in showing students how their essays, in fact, convey deeper messages to the admissions officers about who they are as a person.  I’ve used this article in helping students to understand how to go about answering essay questions.  Often times, students believe there is only one correct way to answer the questions.  Aside from avoiding illegal or immoral activity or controversial subject matter, i.e. abortion and gay marriage, students should feel free to write about whatever speaks to them.  During the college applications process, the goal is to get accepted to your top choice school and not to change political policies, just yet…save that for after you’ve been admitted!  You never know who is reading your essay and what their personal beliefs may be.  You wouldn’t want your choice of essay topic to jeopardize your acceptance.


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